Rearview Mirror Camera

Are you concerned with your safety when driving or just want to have a record in case of an incident? Then you need this Rearview Mirror Camera!


  • 1080p Recording
    • This package contains too cameras: One attached to the mirror and another that can be placed anywhere on the vehicle. Simultaneous recording in 1080p is standard for both cameras and during playback. Loop recording makes it easier on you by not requiring you to erase footage when memory is low. 
    • A built in G-sensor detects even the smallest impact triggering the video protection setting to ensure that crucial footage is not recorded over. 
    • The front camera is 360 degree adjustable allowing up to 170 degree recording. The rear camera is also capable of 120 degree recording.
    • Recording starts automatically when the car is on and stops automatically when the car is turned off. 
  • Video 
    • While driving, you see what the camera sees on a 4.3"LCD screen on the right side of the mirror. 
    • The camera incorporates a 6 layer lens ensuring that in any weather condition and day or night,your video will record with precise clarity and no glare. 
  • Downloadable Video
    • Video from the cameras is easily downloadable to your computer. Just plug and play. The video is formatted in AVI while photos are formatted in JPEG for flexible use.
    • A built in speaker and microphone adds voice capability to your videos for added security.
    • Every video and picture has a date and time stamp. 


  • Package Includes: 1x Rearview Mirror, 1x Charger, 1x User Manual, 1x Rearview Camera, Optional SD Card
  • 1080p Video Recording
  • Loop Recording with Auto On/Off

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