Guam's Kids Mestiza Island Dress - Cultural Island Attire

Guam's Kids Mestiza Island Dress - Cultural Island Attire 

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We make our Mestiza made-to-order once we receive your information and size request.  We are a manufacturer and make other island dresses for Kmart, AAFES, and NEX.  Your personalize order can take 1-3 weeks to be received due to orders received.  If you have any concerns, please contact us for additional details if needed. 

Where Did Guam’s mestiza originally come from?  In the 19th century up to prewar Guam, Filipinos and Guamanians dressed alike in the Spanish-influenced “Filipino” mestiza style dresses, with a bell-shaped, transparent, sometimes richly beaded blouse made of pineapple fiber (piña), and long cotton skirt. 

Today, mestiza is worn during festivals, special events, and especially during Chamorro Month to celebrate our heritage of the Island of Guam.

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