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Cloud Free TV Box

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Cut Your Cable Bill with this - NO Joke!!!

Equipment that is simple to install. Takes 5 - 10 minutes to install and all you need is Internet access and wifi connection.  Visit for details.

  • Our personal developed application system called Cloud Free TV
  • Media Stick
  • Remote Media Control
  • HDMI Connector
  • 120v Power Cord 

    Not only do we use it at home on our TV we never leave on trips without it. Great when you are traveling and want to keep up with your favorites shows or movies. Vietnam, Philippines, Dubai, South Africa, US, Hawaii, Hong Kong and Thailand. My personal traveling kit.
  • Latest Movies (FREE)
  • TV Shows (FREE)
  • Premium Channels (FREE)
  • Contact us if you have questions 

    Upgrade your Cloud Free Box and get the following:
    TV 500 + Live Channels 


    500 + Channels
    ·     Includes HD
    ·     Thousands of On Demand entertainment options
    ·     Plug & Play Technology
    ·     Pay as you go! Month to month service
    ·     No long-term commitments
    ·     No activation fees
    ·     No cancellation fees
    ·     No credit check
    ·     Professional support also includes FREE Pay-Per-View fights and shows. $50 or more in savings.  Contact us Today!!!

    All for $20.00/month

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