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75th Liberation Guam Shots

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75th Liberation Guam Shot Glass 

This is more than a nicely designed boxed shot glass, It's a symbol of 75 years in remembrance of Liberty for the Island of Guam.  The symbol of the past and the love ones we loss and celebrating alliance with former countries. 

This souvenir Guam Route shot glass box was crafted on Guam and is a product of the Guam Seal Program.  Use the shot glass for drinks and the box as a souvenir for your rings, watches, jewelry etc.



Mini Measure precisely measures dry and liquid ingredients for balanced recipes and delicious beverages.

Permanent markings on the glass and will never fade or wear off. It includes 20-incremental measurements up to 6-teaspoons, 2-tablespoons, 1-ounce, and 30-milliliters.

Measuring and transporting smaller amounts without them spilling is easier than with measuring spoons. And, its weighted base helps reduce tipping for even less mess. Whether whipping up breakfast, making a cake recipe, mixing up a pitcher of margaritas or other cocktail recipes, the heavyweight glass allows a clear view of the contents for more control and accuracy. It offers endless uses in the kitchen and around the house. It’s compact enough to store in a drawer with kitchen gadgets or bar accessories.

It’s the perfect bar jigger for the barista and mixologist. Keep a spare in the garage for measuring non-food liquids. Made in Guam from heavyweight glass, Mini Measure is sturdy, durable, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

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