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Portable Smart Phone Shaver

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Portable Smart Phone Shaver is a portable razor that will enable you to shave on the go, such as when you're at work, at the gym, or in a public bathroom. It's been designed with men's facial hair in mind, but women can also use it to shave their legs. This razor is only about the size of a salt shaker, and all you'll need to do is plug it into your Android or iPhone smartphone in order to use it anywhere.
To start using this device, use the mini USB connector that you'll find on one side in order to plug it into your smartphone. Be sure to plug it into the hole that you'd normally plug a charger into.

Once your razor is plugged in, shave your face or your legs as you normally would, except for the fact that you'll be hanging onto your smartphone in place of a razor handle.

When you're done shaving, unscrew the silver top off your device and dump the shavings that have collected within into a garbage can ( or the toilet ). Make sure you unplug the device from your smartphone before you do the unscrewing

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