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Acupressure Slipper Massager

  • ★ Constant massage: Each shoe has a scientific line of 41 massages points that cover every acupoint in your foot. You can be massaged while walking.
  • ★ Adjustable belt: The shoe buckle can adjust the instep closely according to individual circumstance. Suitable for most feet.
  • ★ You can wear your health on the foot anytime when you walk, it may bring you a little pain, but it means the massage is working.
  • ★ Stronger healing function when it is used fifteen minutes per day. it can mitigate a usual problem for female edema. Please use the product after wake up, bath or in office when you want to relax.
  • ★ Massage magnetic moxibustion active material both general prevention shoes general four seasons, when the spring raised particles is made, it causes this product to have efficacies of deodorization and antiseptic.